Overeaters Anonymous has approximately 6,500 meetings in over 65 countries. In our area, there are meetings to be found every day and at various times throughout the day plus there are also phone meetings happening frequently throughout the week. Click the links below to download a copy or contact the OA Office for a printed version mailed to you.

MBI meeting list —March-April-2020-MBI-Meeting Directory
MBI ZOOM Meeting List – October-2020-MBI- Zoom Meeting Directory

The MBI meeting list is printed to be folded into a double-sided, tri-fold 8.5 x 11″ folder. The outside (page one) of the list contains info about MBI, how to update meeting info, and a list of locally-hosted telephone meetings. The inside (page two) lists MBI meetings and locations.

US and Global OA meeting listClick here to search the OA World Service Global directory of meetings.

* These files are in Adobe PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Reader click here.

Update Meeting Information

Please contact the MBI office with changes.

In order to help OA World Service direct newcomers to meetings and perform other essential tasks, each OA group needs to be registered with an up-to-date contact person. This information can be updated online at OA’s World Service website meeting registration.

Thanks for taking the time to fulfill this necessary service!