Here is a valuable SERVICE you can do OA. It is called:

One Minute of Professional Outreach Program-OMPO Program. We are launching it in January 2023.

Please join in this program and share it with your OA groups.


the majority of OA members have contact with professionals such as doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and therapists-people who have clients who may be concerned about their eating behavior/weight. The OAMBI Professional Outreach Committee would like more professionals to be more aware of OAas a free, effective and readily available solution to these issues.

The OMPO Program encourages you to do one minute of service for professional outreach in 2023.

WHAT TO DO: “The OAMB Professional Outreach Committee is encouraging every OA member to do one minute of service the next time you meet with your physician, nurse, nutritionist or therapist.
Tell them how OA has worked for you.
How it has changed your life.
How it has improved your health.
How it has improved your attitude and relationships. Hand them some of the resources listed below. Tell them you can arrange for someone from OA to meet with them or their staff for a five minute or 15 minute lunch and learn or professional development meeting.”
That’s it. Less than a minute.

You may use one or all of these resources. Most of them are available from the OA office.
[email protected] or 781 – 641 – 2303. You may also order these directly from

Introducing OA to the Healthcare Professional

What to Remember When You See Your Doctor

The Professional Community Professional Courier
Member Survey Report

Willing P., Chair OAMBI Professional Outreach Committee