On March 8, 2000 my life changed completely by walking into a room at a local church that had an OA meeting. I remember it as if it were yesterday. I finally had suffered enough pain to take Step 1… I’m powerless over food and my life is unmanageable.

I was 4ft. 11 inches tall and 260 pounds. I was practically as wide as I was tall. I could not stop eating sugar (later I realized I also couldn’t eat flour). Believe it or not, I didn’t come into Overeaters Anonymous to lose weight. I came for the Steps! I knew the answer was in the Steps. I guess I didn’t think I could ever lose the amount of weight I needed to. But I was wrong! I did lose 130 pounds. I took the first step that night and asked God to please take away my compulsion to eat sugar, and it was lifted. I have not eaten sugar in 21 years. I gave up the flour when I got a sponsor 16 days later.

The first three steps were easy as I knew I was beat, that only something bigger than me could take care of it, and that I would turn my entire life over to that Divine force! It was suggested to me by my sponsor, that I join a closed study of the 12 Steps. I believe that this too was a Higher Power moment as my mom died three months after I came into OA and my dad passed 6 months after that. I don’t believe I would have been able to handle such an enormous loss if it weren’t for working the 12 Steps. I knew I was powerless over what happened and trusted God to help me through it. I DID NOT EAT over it! That is a miracle!!!

I finished the rest of my Step work and still work the Steps in my life. I have been so blessed during my recovery and have had such wonderful (I believe God given) opportunities that I am filled with incredible gratitude. Once the sugar was down my rage disappeared. Although I still get annoyed and frustrated, I don’t scream at people anymore. Because of the program I changed jobs and have fulfilled a deferred dream of mine which was to teach. I went back to Grad school and received my Master’s degree in Special Education. I have a career I love, friends in and out of the program who enjoy my company and I am described by my co-workers as one of the most patient people they know. Ha! If they only knew!

I work Step 10 and promptly admit when I make a mistake. I ask God for guidance daily, sometimes moment by moment when I am struggling with something, and I am always willing to do service. Again, I am so happy that 21 plus years ago I was led to and willing to listen to someone in a church room/basement share their recovery with me and Start my own journey on the Happy Road of Destiny.

Bobbie M.
Waltham, MA