I was in the grips of a progressive disease. I was 39, 100lbs overweight and could not stop eating. I never stole anything except food. I had no choice. I had to eat day and night. I was isolating, hiding.

I had two children, 3 and 5, and a husband. I was ashamed of myself; could never diet successfully -no will power. I believed in God: A God who wanted me to be strong and was disappointed in me. Just the opposite was true. When I let go and turned the problem over to God, I was lead to OA. God brought me to the answer.

I was shy and depressed and scared and didn’t understand anything, but I let myself be a newcomer and picked up the suggestions. The best thing I did was I didn’t quit. That was 42 years ago. That was before the 90 day program existed. But we were practicing the program. I put program 1st before family and all else. That was hard but necessary. A list of tools didn’t exist, but I started practicing service and 3 meals a day, no sugar no flour, sponsorship, phone calls.

This was the beginning of honesty and humility. I learned it is God’s plan for me to be a down to earth human and consistently weigh and measure my food. It is not God’s plan for me to be shamed or punished. He wants me not to be afraid to be honest and learn from my mistakes. I left program once. But came back realizing this is where God wants me.

When I put down the food, I began having feelings including anger and fear that I didn’t shove down with the food. So, I turned to God and said “I just won’t eat. Thank you, God, for this because I’ll get through this and be in a higher place.” It’s true. It works.
That’s when, most important of all, I picked up the steps. This is a spiritual disease with a spiritual solution. “Our minds are quite as sick as our bodies.” I work the steps deeply and daily. I have seen the 9th (page 83 & 84) and 10th (page 84 & 85) step promises come true.

“A little thing is a little thing, but a little thing done consistently is a big thing.’’(Plato) If I don’t eat compulsively and stay with the program I grow. It’s so much more than the just the weight. It’s about: health; sanity; happy family life; fellowship and host of friends (you are my flock); all the good and healthy.

I’m 81 now and always growing, learning. I had a health issue recently, but I turned it over to God and thanked Him. As a result, I’m learning more peace and the joy of a slower pace and gratitude for all I have had in my life.

Last year at the beginning of the New Year, I decided my word for the year was JOY. I turned it over to God (Step One -Two -Three). At the end of the year, I felt more Joy seeping into my life.

There’s more to come. Priscilla M.